Over the past few weeks the team manager, Zoe, has been striving to improve Innovations portfolio content. Focusing specifically on the risk management and linking skills with careers sections, as they did not score highly in 2019. She has researched risk matrices, and generated one for the professional class competition, with covid-19 impacts considered. Zoe has also used various websites to formulate a risk management strategy to ensure the team remains on track throughout the competition preparation. The strategy goes as followed; Identify, Analyse, Evaluate, Treat, Monitor. When any risk is made known Innovation responds with this strategy to reduce implications. The risk management strategy and matrix will be included in team Innovations enterprise portfolio.

In the 2019 development class competition Innovation only scored 5/20 on the linking skills with careers, meaning it is an area for great improvement. Zoe is yet to finalise the portfolio section, although extensive progress has been achieved.

Overall, team Innovation is working effectively to extend our STEM knowledge and better our final submission.

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