a professional class F1 in Schools team

We are Innovation, a Professional Class F1 in Schools team competing for Team Australia at the 2022/23 World Finals. Our team attends St. Francis Xavier College in the ACT and has been competing together for four years.

Innovation’s core values include sustainability and innovation, which collectively allow us to continuously meet our motto ‘Growing Forwards.’ At Innovation, we are constantly seeking new ways to lower our carbon footprint, improve communication and finance methods, and create exciting advancements within the F1 in Schools competition. Our teams success has been assisted by the presence of these guiding principles.

Innovation has been competing in F1 in Schools since 2019 – having great success at the Regional and National levels. We were invited to participate in the F1 in Schools 2021 National Finals, where we placed 11th overall and made significant improvements to all submissions. Following this experience, we competed in the 2022 regionals placing 1st overall in the professional class and receiving 6 awards. These included – Grand Prix race, Fastest Lap, Best Team Portfolio, Best Trade Display, Best Graphical Design, Best Team Marketing. Unfortunately, all of these events were held virtually.

Following these experiences we were invited to participate at the 2022 National Finals, these were held in May 2022 at BOSCH Headquarters in Melbourne. We came into the competition confident and proud of our submissions. Innovation had an amazing experience, having the opportunity to meet and learn from defence, engineering, and enterprise leaders. The week showed all team members just how beneficial the F1 in Schools competition is in fostering young STEM students. We were very successful, walking away with 5 awards: Best Team Portfolio, Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) Best Managed Enterprise, Outstanding Industry Collaboration, Best Verbal Presentation, and proudly ranked 3rd overall. This was a momentous achievement, and qualified us for the 2022-23 World finals as a part of team Australia – the highest level. This is the competition we are now working towards.




Zoe is our Team manager and also the primary graphic designer. Her main responsibility is keeping the team on track to meet all competitions deadlines. Zoe uses her leadership expertise to ensure the team works productively and communications together effectively. Through her leadership role, Zoe has expanded her career transferable soft skills. Zoe is also responsible for creating the team visuals generating recognisable and pleasing visuals, all graphical elements are primary designed using adobe illustrator. She also mentors and expands upon new skills among Innovation members and other development teams, throughout competition preparation.


Alessio is Innovation’s testing engineer, and he works in conjunction with the design and manufacturing engineers to optimise and produce the car. Theorising, experimenting, and refining are key engineering processes he follows to ensure the final design is functional and fast. Alessio uses Ansys Discovery Live software to analyse the performance of new car design concepts.


Kasey works to create a digital model of Innovations F1 car. Through research he implements his learnings in the design of the car which is modelled using CAD software. In fusion 360 he experiments with new ideas to develop a final product fit for racing. Kasey works closely with Alessio to test which features and components benefit the performance, integrity, and validity of the car. Through the engineering design process Kasey has learnt and expanded upon many of his soft skills, which has been of benefit in all areas of the competition.


David is Innovation’s Trade Display Manager. David has worked previously as a graphic designer. He has expertise in the Adobe Design Suite, blender, and Microsoft software. David also has a developed understanding of aerodynamics, resource management, and design principles, to assist with other aspects of the competition.


Mika is Innovation’s Manufacturing Engineer. He has competed as a manufacturing engineer for three years, receiving consistently high scrutineering results. He has well developed Fusion 360 and ANSYS skills. Additionally, Mika is knowledgeable on aerodynamics, kinematics, material science, and computer aided manufacturing (CAM).


Kyle is Innovation’s Communications Manager. He has three years of F1 in school experience, having roles of team manager and resource manager. He has strong skills in digital media, Microsoft software and various communication methods. Kyle has knowledge in aerodynamics, corporate management and marketing.


Team Innovation continuously stives to become carbon neutral. ‘Growing Forwards’ refers to our constant goals, innovating, education, and remaining climate conscious. We are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint, to ensure that our engineering opportunities are not contributing to climate change.

To achieve our goal, we:

a.  Choose to use sustainable resources and assure that the products we purchase use recyclable packaging.

b.  Gave back to our environment by volunteering at Greening Australia, where we helped to plant thousands of eucalyptus trees in Greening Australia’s Aranda Nursery.



Ex - Graphic Designer


Ex - Manafacturing Engineer


Ex - Marketing Manager


Ex - Resource Manager



Barnard Cct, Florey ACT 2615