Team Innovation continuously strives to uphold strong sustainability practices and meet our strategy goals. We recognise for a team to be sustainable we must consider environmental, social, and economic factors. Our three primary goals fall under these pillars.

1. Environmental Sustainability: Be Net Carbon Zero

Innovation is working towards becoming carbon neutral. ‘Growing Forwards,’ our slogan refers to our primary goals; innovating, and remaining climate conscious. We are passionate about minimising and offsetting our carbon footprint to ensure that our engineering opportunities are not contributing to climate change. We commit to using recyclable and/or reusable materials wherever possible and that all products are responsibly sourced. Our team also dedicates time to offsetting the emissions that we are not able to reduce through volunteering at community gardens and environmental charity organisations.

2. Social Sustainability: Leaving a lasting impact on community and stakeholders

To leave a lasting social impact Innovation commits to support and host regular community engagement activities. These events will prioritise encouraging the next generation of F1 in Schools students to share the same passion as us. Additionally, we will retain frequent stakeholder communication and consulting to ensure that all of our partners are kept updated on our progress and to further build collaboration initiatives.

3. Economic Sustainability: Upholding financial and risk management practices to a high standard.

Innovation has completed a detailed management planning process to reduce issues arising during the monitoring and controlling stages throughout competition preparation. We will prioritise weekly status reports to ensure effective risk monitoring and will budget responsibly, consulting stakeholders where necessary.




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